Multimedia 101

Multimedia Designs are projects that have been created / developed by combining several different types of media elements to communicate a concept or deliver information. Web sites, training material on CDs, and on-line e-learning tutorials are all examples of a multimedia design.

A multitude of media elements are used in multimedia designs to provide the user an interactive experience that go beyond simply reading displayed text. Common elements include graphics, sound, streaming video, animation, dynamically displayed pages, and responsive web forms. In web development these elements are often referred to as assets or simply multimedia elements.

Multimedia Designs are used to present an idea, concept, information, or specialized training material. Multimedia Designs can be created just for fun or added to a website to create an advanced functionality.

E-learning tutorials are also called multimedia designs and often include interactive training pieces and simulations. These design methods provide a brief assessment of the acquired and retained knowledge of the presented material. The delivery of e-learning material placed on a web site enables the producers to reduce the cost of their first production as well as provide users up-to-date material without expensive re-distribution expenses.

Multimedia Designs are created with the goal of eliminating communication barriers by combining familiar objects with new material. Using different types of media increases an individual's opportunity to learn by allowing the user to associate the known with the unknown. Audience participation is achieved by encouraging interaction and providing feedback to the user. These combined methods assist in the learning process and help the audience to arrive at an internalized interpretation of your multimedia design.

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Multimedia Designs.NET is an informational web site that consists of technical information often needed during the web development process. The goal of this website is to educate through explanations and interactive examples, provide resources and recommendations, and promote creativity and enthusiasm in the multimedia design process.

Beginner Web Designers and Web Developers can use this site as a quick reference to review CODE syntax with available examples and then copy/paste the code snippet into their own project.

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